How to Enter the Photo Competition

  • by|Ibrahim Akanbi

The African Photography Organization simple objective is to showcase the beauty of Africa through photos, enabling Africans to express themselves through photography.

The 1st competition will be – The Nigeria photography Competition 2020 – Sponsored by Investment One and Ziing. The competition is targeted at Professional and Amateur photographers between ages 18 – 40 Years and above, upwardly mobile and tech savy. Winning has never being easier, simply register. Take the following steps

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on “Enter” on the slide bar or register anywhere on the page
  3. Take 1 min to fill the Register: New Member Form
  4. Proceed to members login
  5. Fill a 1 minute personal profile (with your display picture)
  6. Upload a fresh, No violence, pornography, stock or photo shop image
  7. Choose your category : Professional or Amateur (based on your photography tool)
  8. Choose the photo competition category based on your image.
  9. Add the description of the image. Add Tag
  10. Kinldy wait for the approval of the image(s)
  11. And share APPROVED IMAGES with your friends to vote.

And just like that you can be the 1st place winner (with the highest number of votes) in the professional category or amateur category. Awarded a Cash Prize of $2,500 USD or $1,500 USD respectively and promoted as the Nigerian photography award 2020 winners on our owned media channels. What are you waiting for! Join this juicy competition and start winning. Cheers to our …Beautiful Africa.

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