How to win the Photography Competition

  • by|ibrahim
p>So you have registered and want to get your image voted number 1, so you can win the Cash Prize of $2,500 USD or $1,500 USD, and promoted as the Nigerian photography award 2020 – Sponsored by Investment One and Ziing winner on our owned media channels. The question now is how do I win? Very simply put: give it your best shot. Here are some Best Shot hacks:

  1. Ensure to get beautiful creative pictures on the website.
  2. Ensure the image has not been featured anywhere else eg magazines, stock images etc
  3. Share your approved image to all you friends on WhatsApp to vote for you.
  4. Put your approved image on your linktree or Instagram bio to get more votes
  5. Share your approved image on Facebook
  6. Tell a friend to tell a friend.
  7. And of cause pray.

They say the average person usually does not read, so hopefully you are the only one that saw this and took action. What are you waiting for! Get with the program and start winning. Cheers to our …Beautiful Africa.

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