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Device Name: Canon 6D


This picture was taken at the wikki warm spring, a beautiful destination for tourists located in Yankari Games Reserve in the conflict torn region of North-East Nigeria. The conflict in North-East Nigeria was provoked by the Boko Haram insurgents and has resulted in widespread displacement, a higher rate of poverty, increased environmental degradation which has adversely affected the lives of the locals. In the midst of all the chaos caused by the insurgency is a little ray of hope found in the wikki warm spring. It depicts perfectly the saying, “Nothing manmade comes close to what has been painted by the hands of nature”. The picture depicts serenity underwater showing that one day North-East Nigeria will RISE above the ruins caused by the insurgency

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My father was a photographer. That probably makes this art a part of my DNA. But the skill of creative photography was forced out by the gift of a camera from my mentor somewhat out of the blues. As I indulged my curiosity with this new device handed to me, every click plus every editing and other post production process, made me realize a line up of three words: truth, nature, creativity. I am passionate about infusing creativity in every piece of truth I present as pictures. With every image I capture, I allow nature pull me into its creative power so I can tell its truth as I recreate.

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